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Coldstream Christian Church

Coldstream is a vibrant community in the greater Vernon area. It is only fitting that as a church in the centre of this community we too should be vibrant!

A healthy local church values their community so we are committed to serving Coldstream and Vernon the way we believe Jesus would.

That is why you will see us around the community involved in such things as:

-Coldstream Community Christmas Light-Up
-Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Campaign
-NOPCC Baby Bottle Brigade
-Heart for Home - Mission in Haiti

These are just a few examples. We are involved because we care and because we want to pass the message on that the Christian life is the greatest life there is.
Some parts of our webpage are still being developed but please browse through what we have, our Vision page, Ministries and Testimonies, will get you started and give you a glimpse at how God is at work in Coldstream Christian Church.
Of course we would love to meet you, so please feel free to come by in person!


Coldstream Christian Church
9904 Kalamalka Road
Coldstream, BC, Canada
Phone: 250-545-4089
Email: office@coldstreamchurch.ca

Revolution! World revolution is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Christmas. Usually it is peace, kindness and all kinds of niceties. Christmas invites families, those we love and care about, to set aside their differences and indulge in multiple helpings of food and copious exchanging of gifts.

Jesus of course is a part of the story - actually the main part of the story, but not everyone understands that. When we think of the Christmas Jesus, Christmas card images of a gentle baby in a manger with cooing farm animals, and glowing angels and gifts from traveling wise men, appear in our minds.

Strangely the Bible paints a very different picture of Jesus, a revolutionary picture. It is a picture of a world turned upside down - a world where the proud are laid low and the humble lifted up. The hungry are filled with good things and the rich sent away empty. The coming of Jesus would cause the falling and rising of many.

These are disturbing scenarios! There is violence in the language yet, there is also clearly the language of hope, peace, joy and love. How does this all come together? So this Christmas this is our question as we explore the Revolution of Christmas - The beginning, the advent of Jesus' Revolution.

We would be pleased to have you join us and discover this revolutionary Jesus.

At Coldstream Christian Church our services are casual, comfortable, designed to work for you and your family.

Sunday Worship Celebration 10:15 AM

Coming here is easy. Someone will greet you and help you find a seat. We're also kid friendly - check out our awesome children's program.